Teijin Aramid B.V. is looking for a PhD candidate with a focus on computer simulations. (ESR12 position)

In the spinning process of high performance fibers, coagulation is one of the most crucial steps, during which the crystallization of dissolved rod-like polymers takes place. Although extensive experimental data is available, the exact physical conditions of the fiber filaments during coagulation are not yet known. A more precise understanding is necessary to further optimize fiber properties (tenacity, modulus etc..) and the production process. The coagulation process is particularly complicated since it depends on various factors like the system flow properties, the type of flow, the effects of gradients in temperature, or the diffusion of solvent, and non-solvent molecules, all of which need to be unraveled.

The process will be investigated by means of Molecular Dynamics simulations. A first coarse grained model has already been developed and  it will constitute the first part of the project. For this challenging position we are looking for a highly motivated candidate with a Master title in Physics or a related subject and experience with computer simulations, statistical physics, and understanding of physical transport phenomena. 

This position is available for a period of three years, tenable at Teijin Aramid in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

The candidate will be employed by Teijin Aramid for the duration of the DiStruc project. The succesful candidate should not have resided in the Netherlands for more than 12 months in the past three years, and should be willing to spend some time with other partners participating in this project outside the Netherlands. The PhD will be defended in the University of Cologne in Germany, and performed in close collaboration with scientists of the Forschungszentrum Jülich. 

A competitive remuneration is offered as well as mobility costs and family allowance.  

Teijin Aramid is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Applications for this position have now CLOSED