On the 5th of June, Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) held a high scale open doors event for its 60th birthday: “The day of curiosity”. In a sunny and family friendly atmosphere, visitors discovered the FZJ’s multi-faceted research through various activities such as games, interactive animations and science rallies. Besides the stands about Energy and the environment, Information technologies and Health sciences, visitors could also relax near the lake and enjoy the outdoors music and science demonstrations. The detailed programme of the day can be found here

Copyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich

DiStruc was there! 

Chris and Run (the ESRs based in FZJ, together with Blandine (Nestle) and Inna (Teijin Aramid) prepared a ICS-3/DiStruc stand: “Solid, liquid or both? Understanding colloids”.
The visit started by taking a look at milk fat particles under the microscope, followed by introduction to the unexpected properties of ketchup. Visitors of all ages were also introduced to the science of colloids behind diapers and bulletproof vests…without forgetting liquid crystals birefringent properties and their applications.

Although tired at the end of day, we really enjoyed the experience. A big thanks to our visitors  with whom we enjoyed sharing our passion. Also to our colleagues for sharing their time, ideas, and scientific material and helping us make this day successful. 

Blandine, Chris, Run, Inna