Make your own fibres, explore the micro-world, walk on custard and more! 



What do chocolate, soap, and fibres have in common? Ever had trouble getting ketchup out of the bottle? Why is milk white? Can you blow square soap bubbles?

Join us for a fun family afternoon in the grounds of Christ Church and find out the answers. The DiStruc fellows take a break from their labs and invite you and your children to get hands-on with squishy soft science: observe Brownian motion with a powerful microscope, compete to make the longest alginate based fibre, walk on a mini pool of custard, play with our computer simulations, find out how your flat screen works and more!

The event will run from 2pm-5pm and is tailored for primary-school and secondary-school audiences, especially those aged 7-14, though older and younger siblings and friends are very welcome. It is fully flexible, so you can drop in for 30 minutes, or stay for the whole duration. Admission per family is £5 and includes coffee, tea, squash and cakes. 



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Event Poster

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Event info

When: Saturday, 9 July 2016

Time: 2pm-5pm. 

Where: Christ Church, Oxford, OX1 1DP.

Entrance through the Main Gate (Tom Tower)

BookingLimited places available, so booking is required. 

Admission fee: £5 / family