The 6th Playing Colloidal Mikado Workshop will be organised by DiStruc and held at the University of Oxford in July 2018. The five previous workshops were held in Oxford (2009), Luxembourg (2010), Eindhoven (2016), Bordeaux (2016) and Heraklion (2017).

The 6th Playing Colloidal Mikado workshop covers experimental, theoretical and computational aspects of non-spherical colloidal particles with a focus on colloidal rods. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss current developments and advances in the field and to provide opportunities for networking.

We look forward to an exciting workshop and to welcoming you in Oxford.


Registration fees: 95€ (Includes attendance to the event, coffee breaks, lunches and the Mikado dinner on Tuesday evening.)

For any further information, contact:  distruc@chem.ox.ac.uk

Invited Speakers

Prof. Eugenia Kumacheva, University of Toronto

Prof. Ivan Smalyukh, University of Colorado

Prof. Igor Muševič, University of Ljubljana

Prof. Oleg Lavrentovich, Kent State University

Prof. Davide Marenduzzo, University of Edinburgh

Prof. Daan Frenkel, University of Cambridge