7 September 2015

DiStruc participated in the Outreach event of the European Conference on Liquid Crystals (ECLC 2015), held in Manchester, 7-11 September 2015. The conference included a special poster and exhibition session, as well as hands-on demonstrations addressed to the conference delegates, school children (mainly above 12 years of age), University of Manchester alumni, undergraduate students and the general public.  David Dunmur, member of the DiStruc Advisory Board (University of Manchester), participated in the event with a video presentation entitled LC past present and future and a Demonstration of magnetic-field induced Fredericksz effect. The outreach session ended with a keynote public lecture on Liquid crystals: Nature’s delicate and very prosperous state of matter, given by Prof. J. W. Goodby and Dr. S. Cowling (University of York). The poster presented by DiStruc highlighted the most important aspects of the project, its structure and aims. Overall, our participation was a great opportunity to spread the word about DiStruc, interact with diverse members of the public and familiarize with the organisation and the content off such events. You can download the poster here.