D1.1 Control of structure via confinement and quantification of the dynamics

D1.2 Properties of the IN interface of entropy dominated systems

D1.3 Quantifying and controlling dynamics through rod characteristics

D1.4 Quantifying and controlling dynamics through interactions and concentration

D1.5  Directing structure via chirality

D1.6  Final report on WP 1.2 and 1.3

D2.1 Understanding the molecular origin of dynamically percolated states

D2.2  State diagram of the arrested states

D2.3 Characterization of aging and yielding or arrested rod-like particles

D2.4 Behavior and rheology of anisotropic suspension in the presence of large inclusions

D2.5 Quantifying suspension rheology probing structure percolation in the presence of inclusions

D3.1 Directing the flow response by tuning particle characteristic 

D3.2 Directing the mesophase structure by shear flow

D3.3 Control of the flow behaviour in complex geometries

D3.4 Detailed understanding of the coagulation process during fibre spinning

D3.5 Understanding of the effect of impurities on fibre spinning

D4.1 Production of thermoresponsive virus-based systems with varying length and flexibility

D4.2  Production of thermoresponsive silica rods

D4.3 Production of cellulose microfibrils in mixtures

D4.4 Production of nanocellulose particles for wet-spinning processes

D4.5 Final report on production of cellulose microfibrils in mixtures

D4.6 Final report on nanocellulose particles

D5.1 Industrial specifications regarding WP1-4 tasks

D5.2 Report and recommendation on exploitation

D6.1  Training and events Plan

D7.1 Project identity set and launch of DiStruc web portal

D7.2  Plan on outreach activities

D7.3 Plan for the dissemination and exploitation of the project's results

D8.1 Supervisory Board of the network

D8.2  Progress report 

D8.3  Draft periodic report 

D8.4 Mid-term review meeting