Applications are invited for a full-time position starting in September 2015 and leading to a PhD degree from the University of Bordeaux, at CANOE (Composites en Aquitaine et Nano-structures Organiques) in collaboration with P. Poulin from Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CNRS) in Bordeaux, France. CANOE is Research Company dedicated to the development of innovative organic nanostructured composite and coating technologies. Within the DiStruc project, CANOE will develop a new generation of green, low cost and high performances composite fibers from bio-resources. Such fibers will be used as precursors for the manufacturing of carbon fibers.

The aim of the ESR14 is the study of the different parameters involved in the wet-spinning process of cellulose nanocomposite fibers. These parameters include the organization of the dope material, the formation of liquid-crystalline phases of cellulose assisted by colloidal rods or platelets (e.g nanotubes, nano-cellulose, graphene…). Correlation between the structure, fiber spinning conditions and fiber properties will be established. Rheology, mechanical analysis, X-Ray Diffraction, microscopy are among the characterization techniques that will be used in this work.

The PhD student will also be able to go to partners European laboratories or companies (including Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, and UK) to ensure good achievement of this project. He/she will also gain scientific and technological training from schools and dedicated courses organized in the frame of the project, in addition to courses provided by the doctoral school of the University of Bordeaux.

The ideal candidate should be an experimentalist in the fields of physical-chemistry, polymer or materials science. Interest for lab experiments is needed as well as an ability to work independently in a small-team environment. He/she must have a Master’s degree and less than 4 years research experience after the Master’s degree. The ESR must not have a PhD degree. Languages: English mandatory and French much appreciated.

Applications for this position have now CLOSED.