European Conference on Liquid Crystals

The 13th European Conference on Liquid Crustals will take place in Manchester, 7-11 September 2015. It will bring together leading international researchers to present and discuss the latest directions in liquid crystals and soft anisotropic materials. Three of our Scientists in Charge will be participating in the conference with plenary and invited talks. Eric Grelet (Centre de Recherche Paul-Pascal, CNRS) will give a talk on “Entropy driven phase transition and chirality amplification in colloidal liquid crystals: the paradigm of filamentous viruses”, Julia Yeomans (University of Oxford) will give a talk on “Active Nematics”, where as Paul P.A.M. van der Schoot (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) will give a talk entitled  “Tactoids Large and Small”. Moreover, DiStruc is participating in the special session on with a poster that highlights the most important aspects of the project. This is an exciting opportunity to spread the word about our project and interact with a diverse audience. Also, David Dunmur (University of Manchester) will be participating with a video presentation entitled LC past present and future and a Demonstration of magnetic-field induced Fredericksz effect. The outreach session will also include hands-on experiments and will finish with a keynote public lecture on Liquid crystals: Nature’s delicate and very prosperous state of matter. The outreach session is open to the public, so come and meet us!

Info: 5.00-7.30, Renold Building C15, University of Manchester